A More Detailed Description of the VIP Student Perk

We have always loved teaching others--- this is your chance to have us to yourself for a month. Included in that month are 2x 90 minute Skype sessions and 5 feedback emails. Some people may even decide they want to use their 3 hours total of Skype time to have us paint something custom for them--- we think this is completely fine, and if you'd rather have a 3 hour long commission that you can privately watch, let us know and we will make it happen.

If you decide to go the 'private commission' route, and you think you may want to pay for more than one month of this perk, then you have the option to have us add another 3 hours to your painting, if you want. Let us know if you have questions about this...

What can the Skype call be used for?

  • We created this perk for those who want to learn from us and ask questions we might not answer on our blog. We want to engage you and your artistic side and talk about what you need to talk about.
  • We can talk feedback. If you are working on an image and want some one on one professional help, tips, critique and tricks, we urge you to send us your work during this time and get feedback.
  • Paintovers. We will do them, provided they fit into our 2x 90 minute Skype sessions. If you do not know what a paintover is--- it is generally done when one artist gives another artist a digital file of a digital painting they are working on. We, the second artist, will paint or draw right over what you have given us. Some people like this to get simple insight or anatomical help-- or maybe they do it just out of curiosity. You may use any of our paintovers in your finished work if you do not feel like you want to erase it. Think of it as a collaboration. Know that these can take some time though, and expect that there won't be time for too many.
  • We will stream the video for you upon request so that you can watch us paintover or redline during Skype sessions in real time. (We will not send video of emailed redlines, read the section below for more info.)
  • Professional things. Some younger artists are interested in how we make our contacts, get work for good companies, and generally how to get paid for your art. We are happy to talk about any of this.
  • A commission. --- Yep.... some people will want this. We are completely fine using your Skype time to work on something just for you-- and we will even stream it so you can watch. Just remember, you will only have 3 hours total for the month-- We can do alot in 3 hours, but there are limits too.
  • Pretty much-- anything. We want to hear your ideas and we are open to anything.


Can you explain more about the 5 feedback emails?

Throughout the month, you are allowed to send us up to 5 images via email. That means, 5 images in one email, or 1 image in 5 separate emails. We will not give feedback on over 5 images (unless we privately discuss that extra emails are okay.)

This is what you can ask for in each email:

  • Feedback. If you'd like, we can give you a mix of positive/critique feedback so that you can make your image better.
  • Redlines. If you are having trouble with anatomical or compositional issues, you can ask us to redline your image. This means we will take your image into photoshop and draw over it in colored line, so that you can see where you may have made mistakes, or what we personally would change to make your image stronger.
  • We will not do paintovers in these emails-- paintovers are specifically for Skype sessions.


Scheduling a time to meet with us on Skype

We will contact you through email shortly after receiving your perk notification. We will ask you to send us the days and times you want to meet. We are incredibly flexible-- no matter what timezone you are in, we will make absolutely positive we can make it.

You get 2 Skype sessions that are 1.5 hours long. OR, if it's easier for you, we can do one 3 hour Skype session. Just let us know what is best for you and we will do our best to be flexible!


Was your question not answered here? Feel free to contact us with more at simul.draws@gmail.com