Patreon $425 Perk and What You Get

Our black and white work is some of our best.

Our Process:

We make sure you, the commissioner, have as much fun as we do. We will start your commission by sending several rough concept ideas or "thumbnails". You will choose the thumbnail you like the most and then we will do a rough drawing of it. You get to okay the drawing at that point, and then we start the linework. Once you okay the linework, we start working on the rendering details. You are guaranteed good communication so long as we get good communication from you. The process takes about 2 weeks, so please be available to answer emails.

We do plan on sharing works in progress shots with other Patrons. If you would like us to not do this and keep the image private, please let us know ahead of time.


Dimensions and Info

Depending on the composition and character, our black and white pieces will be anywhere from 12x17 to 16x24. We decide.

Works are completed on heavy, acid-free bristol board and are finished entirely in graphite. We provide an extra 1/2 inch on all sides for easy matting and framing. We spray fixative on all of our works before sending them out.


Additional Characters and Adult Images:

You may privately ask us to add additional characters. Know there is a $75 upcharge per character. We will not draw more than 3 characters in an image.

We will do adult images-- usually anything goes. We will not, however, draw macro/micro fetish work (we are terrible at it), and we won't draw gore porn or anything rape related, or against the law in any other form.

Other questions? Shoot us an email. simul.draws(at) gmail. com

You will also receive anything else in Tiers $40 and under. So you will also receive at least one print in the mail.


Examples of past black and white commissions: