Oil Painting Without Solvents

There's been a recent shift in goals. About 2 weeks ago, we cleaned up the website and said good bye to digital art. That's right--- Good bye forever. We have been getting sadder and sadder in regards to the limits of Photoshop, and digital painting just didn't feel right. There was the problem that our digital art was superior to our traditional work-- but we decided that the one way to fix that was to paint every day.


The bane of oil painting everyday....

You know the smell. The turpenoid, the liquin, the varnish. In fact, it's a smell we've always liked walking into the room. That smell meant there was canvas nearby. But working in it everyday, we started to notice something.

We would walk into our studio and get tired-- get headaches-- even with the several ventilation options we had available to us. Suddenly our dream was crushed.. We couldn't be oil painters if it was going to kill us. But after a lot of research we came to a conclusion. An oil painter can paint without solvents.


Walnut Oil and Linseed Oil

That's all you need. No-- they don't even dry that slow. Folks--- you can EAT walnut oil, and clean your brushes with it too. With a method of dipping and dapping onto cloth, brushes come clean just as easy as they do with turpenoid or mineral spirits.

There's no smell at all. And the paintings look better too. We've literally managed to paint every day for hours on end without stopping because of this change. Worth it. So totally worth it. We just wanted to give a shout out here so that anyone we might know who may be interested knows.


Worgen Work in Progress

Worgen Work in Progress

Alot of people might think they dry a bit slow, but--- to be honest we painted pretty thick on the recent “Faun” portrait and it dried in 4 days. That's really not that long.

Faun Work in Progress

Faun Work in Progress

Back to painting now. Cheers!

Here we are 2016

Well it's been an incredibly long few months.

Between weaving in and out of opportunities, responsibilities, and general 'stuff', 2016 starts out very hasty for us, as we continue to try to pick up the garbage of 2015. Everything we have is good news, it's just very crazy good news, that requires a lot of time and thought.


What to look forward to in 2016:

-Simul finishes their commission load by the end of April, leaving our (non-published) commission list completely empty, ready for us to take flight, and implement better and fairer ways for us to make money on art.

-A Patreon (after those darn commissions are finished). A cheap one. Where fans don't have to spend too much to get a high resolution PSD, first dibs on commissions, videos of Bela and Darren at work, and a lot of other goodies.

-The whisperings of 2 separate graphic novels. We are planning to start releasing information about 2 very important projects during mid-late summer of 2016.

-MORE PERSONAL WORK. We are very tired and exhausted--- we want to be able to give our fans what they came here for, and give us time to explore our own imaginations again-- good art about things they love. After realizing we are trying way too hard to be acceptable published fantasy artists, we have decided to waste our time doing art that makes US feel good.


Some good and bad news!

The bad news is, Simul will be unable to attend any conventions in 2016 (we may still attend Illuxcon.) We want to focus on saving money, nourishing our family, and also--- we are trying to buy a house currently--- which is one of the hardest things EVER. Our dream has always been to mix our art lives with sustainable lives-- it has always been a dream of ours to raise animals and grow our own food. Making these changes is HARD, and stressful. But we LOVE IT.


Anyhow, just wanted to make sure everyone was updated! :) Have a happy 2016 everyone, and we will do our best to keep you in the know.

Here we are... Alive!

We are incredibly overwhelmed by the positive reaction of our community and fans. We can hardly keep up with you guys anymore-- the incredible amount of support we've been getting involving our marriage and our new collaborative project is absolutely amazing. Because we've been having trouble keeping in contact with those who matter-- we've decided an on-site blog is the answer.


Because of this incredible response, we are proud to announce that we are able to move on from taking commissions from individual clients (with the exception of a few awesome people.) We are now able to spend our time working on personal fine art, and published work (which has been our dream for a long time.)


Our current commissioners have been kind enough to be patient while we transition through this process-- We never realized that we'd be receiving so many opportunities from bigger employers when we took the batch of commissions we have. A huge hug and hand is extended to those of you who have commissions with us currently, who have patiently waited while we have done a crazy number of things. In the last 7 months we've gotten married (SO HAPPY!!!!), had about 3-4 major opportunities we had to respond to, refinished the living room in our house, and have finished over 100 different sketches. Our patient commissioners have fundedour hopes and dreams---- at this point, their commissions are taking a long time to finish because we want to be sure they are getting the BEST work. We are so incredibly thankful for this delightful batch of patrons.


Don't worry buddies. Your commissions are all SO CLOSE to being done.



We are excited to announce that we received our slots for reviews at Illuxcon 2015, and we will have the amazing opportunity to speak with representatives from Tor books and Wizards of the Coast. We are incredibly excited--- and really hope we can leave Pennsylvania well-remembered. We would die to work for these companies--- hell, we might even mop their floors. Even if things don't go well, it will be amazing to sit at a table with Cynthia Sheppard for 15 minutes, and spend the rest of the weekend browsing illustrations by artists that have inspired us for years. And the rest of the time will be spent squealing about the latest Battle for Zendikar release (Magic The Gathering.)

We want to assure all of our online loved ones that we are SAFE and HAPPY. We have a lot of great illustrations and projects in store for our fans, and a lot of great things to announce in the future. We just can't stop smiling. We will be looking into a newsletter very shortly, and also be announcing a few originals going up for sale in the near future.

Wish us luck in Pennsylvania--- and stay supportive. Our fans and clients make us feel like we can climb any mountain.