Every so often, we will open for hourly commissions. This is where you can read about our process and understand how long it takes us to paint, and better understand how our 'hourly rates' work, just in case you're ever lucky enough to come upon a slot!


General Need-to-Know about Hourly commissions:

-We charge $50/hour. (Please see examples of our speed in the section below this one)

-Hourly commissions can take anywhere between 2 hours and 8 hours. We will not go under 2 hours and will not go over 8 hours.

-If you have a budget, specify. That way, we can be sure to finish your commission in the amount of time you want. I.E You only have $150-- be sure to ask us to keep it under 3 hours.

-For ease of the artist and commissioner, we will not charge/work less for partial hours. This means, you cannot expect to pay us for 3.4 hours of work. We will only work in increments of one hour. So if it takes us 3.4 hours to finish something, we will simply go in and add details/work for another .6 hours.

-Commissioner can give as much or as little information as they'd like. The less information, the faster the painting gets finished. The more information, the slower the painting is finished – also know that asking for far too much can result in an 8 hour commission that doesn't look it's entire best.

-Less (description) is more (art).

-Commissioner can ask for anywhere between 1-3 characters, however, must realize that the more characters they ask for, the more time it will take, and we will not go over 8 hours. So asking for too much can result in having a not-so-finished looking piece.

-All Commissioners must pay an up front deposit of half the amount of time we expect the piece to take. They can pay the rest once the commission is complete.

-Commissions take less than a day. Be ready to pay as soon as you contact us.

-Because of the speed these are done at, we can only offer Work in Progresses to those currently online. Also remember, us chatting with you and sending WIPs takes time. The more you want work in progresses, the more time it's going to take.

-If you do not want a background, you must specifically ask for a headshot, or a character painting (with a white background). Otherwise, we will add in a quick background of our own choosing. If you want a specific type of background-- specify.


A General Rule of Thumb For Getting the Best Results For The Least Amount of Money:

Ask for only what you need – keep the description brief. Trust the artist to get it right, and don't ask for too many work in progresses, if any. The less characters, the better. Give us general information about the character-- their attitude, their general likes/dislikes/hobbies. Characters with more limbs/colors/wings/etc take longer to paint.

We will tell you ahead of time if we think your request is too descriptive, or if we think the result will be less than satisfactory.

Paint Time in General:


2-3 hours: 1 character, natural colors, simple, nebulous background.

3-6 hours: 1-2 characters, somewhat intermediate character designs, simple backgrounds.

6-8 hours: 1-3 Characters, somewhat intermediate character designs, simple-intermediate (but still not very detailed) backgrounds.

6-8 hours is also a very good amount of time for one, really detailed character painting with a white background.