Simul aims to provide their commissioners with a pleasant experience and good communication with all of our commissioners. However, in order to greater understanding of what you can expect and what rights you have, feel free to look this over.



Commissions costing $150 or less:

These commissions are generally finished pretty quickly (within a day, once we start work.) Because of this, we do not often email “works-in-progress.” The commissioner is responsible for giving us a prompt, a character description, etc-- and it is our job to respond with a completed job. We are happy to work with commissioners who like to see 'work in progresses' – but it has to be specified before we start. Otherwise, we will finish the piece without sending works in progress.

Also note the asking for works in progress will greatly decrease the speed at which your commission is finished.


Commissions costing between $150-$400:

These commissions generally take a week to finish from the time we start. We give the commissioner a finished sketch to okay, then we send 1 work-in-progress halfway through to be okay'd. We then finish the piece.


Commissions costing $500+

These commissions are discussed on a case by case basis. We speak pretty at length with the commissioner about what they want, and are often pretty open to having a weekly back and forth, including WIPs, changes, etc... But again, it is a case by case basis, and you can expect that you'll have plenty of communication with us before the commission starts so you know what to expect.




-Commissioned artwork still belongs to the artist. This means, you pay us a service fee to paint/draw your character, but you still give us permission to sell prints of the work, reproductions of the work, etc. However, we will happily include your name on the perimeter of a piece – including character information, etc. You must let us know ahead of time if there is a specific piece of information you'd like displayed on the work.

-We allow all commissioners to post artwork created for them on any website (Facebook, Twitter, etc), provided the signature is not removed from the original piece. We also appreciate (but do not require) redirects to our website ( or Twitter (@SimulDraws).

-If you'd like to remove reselling/reprint rights from the artist, we do allow commissioners to buy rights to their pieces. We charge $800-$1800 for this (depending on the situation.) We give all rights (resale rights included) to the commissioner, which includes the option to remove our signature.

-Commissioner always gets first dibs on the original piece of art. (See sections below for specifics on this.)

-Commissioner will always receive a high resolution file of the artwork. They are not allowed to use the high resolution file in order to sell reproductions unless they have paid the rights/licensing fee.



-Original commissioner is more than welcome to color our sketches/linework and post it to their own online galleries, provided the piece is treated as a collaboration, and both artists are credited. Commissioner + Simul (

-Original commissioner is entitled to the original drawing free of charge, provided they pay shipping cost. If shipping cost is not paid in a 5 month time frame, you give rights to the artist to resell the original sketch.



-IF an Oil painting – Original commissioner is entitled to the original painting free of charge, provided they pay shipping cost. If shipping cost is not paid in a 1 year time frame, you give rights to the artist to resell the original sketch.

-If a digital piece, a high resolution file will be offered free of charge. For an additional fee, we are happy to print and mount a special 1/1 acrylic print of the digital piece.


This ToS is new. Questions? Let us know!