"We" are "Simul." We are Bad Inspiration. We are life partners, Darren  and Bela Maroti. We love each other and we love art.

"Bad Inspiration" is a collaborative project. Why? Because without each other the works you see would never be finished. Because it is our goal to journey together until the end, both in our work, and in our lives. 

We tagged the name "Bad Inspiration" quite a long time ago, after noticing that we were both quite chaotic people who were often disliked in normal crowds. It seems we swear too much, get drunk too often, and tend to laugh at things we really shouldn't. But people also find us very inspiring-- which has always been such an ironic thing that we are proud of. 

We consider ourselves students--- constantly learning, striving to do bigger and better work. We admire the works of Fenghua Zhong, Adolph Beaugureau, Donato Giancola, Steve Prescott, and countless other talented individuals both living and dead. 

Our goal in art is to create a world where we can be comfortable. Generally that means its full of monsters, naked people, tattoos, and human/anthropomorphic interaction. 

Currently we are cutting all digital work from our lifestyle and converting to oil painting.



Paizo Publishing(Pathfinders)

Kobold Press

Learning Glass LLC

Fantasy Flight Games(Netrunner)

The Werewolf Calendar

Sofawolf Press


Juried Publications:

Infected by Art (2015)


Where you can find us:

Art Station